We we love trance music

Love trance

About music, in general, we express our opinions pretty often. But, because trance music is definitely a special kind of vibe in our lives - with some of us listening to it for more than a decade -, we don't talk about it that much with obvious arguments. Trance music is the most engaging type of music there is, although it can't be enjoyed by everyone.

First of all, we have to emphasize that the well known jingle "trance is not music, is a state of mind", says pretty much everything about our preference. When we talk about music, us, the fans, we automatically thing about the sensations coming out of listening, the feelings and the state of mind trance creates within ourselevs.

Thoughts start to rumble, sensations of all kinds rushing in your body, you are losing your sight, starting to relax profoundly. You dream and you are happy, you detach from everything that day-to-day life means for you, your senses are hightened, you are starting to see things differently. Like a drug, some will say - you go into trance, you feel like floating around, intoxicated.

Some others say electronic music isn't even music. Us, the fans, we don't really care. We feel that it is very well done. For its composition, creators choose sounds, notes, combinations, transitions, extremely meaningful lyrics. And there's something to learn from it. And it will stay in music's history for a very long time, because it is... music! Pieces like "Insomnia" by Faithless, "Don't stop" by ATB, "Forever again" by Paul van Dyck or "Adagio for Strings" by DJ Tiesto will be enjoyed by generations to come, the same way we've enjoyed, at one moment in our lives, Queen's songs, Abba's or The Beatles. That should mean something, right? A intrinsic quality, without doubt. A type of music able to transcend generations, fighting against time and oblivion, leaving its mark in people.

The creators of trance are artists in the purest sense of the word, with special spirits and profound philosophies. We talk about the true creators, not the epigones trying to duplicate it. The true trance composers are mostly and unfortunately, the pioneers, the ones promoting this kind of music at the begining of the 90s. Right now, there's nothing really revolutionary about it, although there are still gorgeous contemporary songs out there, coming out every year.

Maybe we shouldn't look at things like this. Maybe the ones born 20 years ago, willing to create original trance music today, are able to reinvent electronic music. Their problem: they were born too late. Now, most of them are accused of plagiarism.

And maybe we shouldn't think about past or future, not even the present. We shouldn't add a timeline in evaluating trance. We should just enjoy the quality tunes - quality as in the way some perceive it. Because, and I have to use another catchphrase: "beauty stays in the eyes of the beholder". We should take pleasure in trance. We should respect the work, the creation, the energy, the emotions.

Trance is tranquility, with all the noise.