Why we love rock

We love rock

Many times, we all happen to see young or old guys on the street, rock ideology fans. We're calling it ideology because for us rock is not just music: it is a way of life. We, rock lovers, like to understand the music, to decipher it meaning. Long hair, black boots or leather outfits, tatooes with Gothic inscriptions or different rock bands names, talk for themselves.

What these messages say it is up to you.

As all things less understood, rock has become some sort of a scarecrow. Why is that? Simply put: it is different. Because it was born willing to change something. Because it isn't just the song, it is an emotion, a way. One of the most spread myths regarding it is "rock is the music of the sold souls". Of course, there are extremes, as in any other cultural movement - yep, it is culture, not a word that could be used talking about Hip-Hop or electronic music.

If the above catchphrase was true, why do we have work of arts like "November Rain" by Guns'n'Roses or "Changes" by Black Sabbath? These two alone are so complex most of the dudes out there don't even dare to comprehend. Today's music is done leaving behind the soul, or excluding the one thing that it is supposed to cover: human spirit. They all look for commercial success, to catch the public. They want us to bounce our buts like zombies, without direction. Rock isn't supposed to be "taken as is", it comes with a user manual, and you have to open your heart to unravel its mysteries.

Rock was born to catch attention in a creative manner, to some of the most problematic social behaviors. Rock doesn't get birth to monsters - unless they are already meant to become. It promotes transparency of the mind and the human soul, and its observers today will act efficiently tomorrow, for a better world.