Why we love hip hop

Love hip-hop

50 Cent, Beyonce, Snoop Dog or Rihanna are just a few of the singers we like listening to, some of us since we were just kids. And the time goes by, and there are lots more showing up on the Hip-Hop stage. Now we love Kanye West, Diplo, Kendrick Lamar or Big Sean. We love Hip-Hop because because mainly it has something to say, it has messages. If you pay attention to the lyrics you will notice how YOU think about yourself, about the society in general, relating to the scripts.

We love Hip-Hop because it has guts. Songs don't lie and don't hide behind stereotypes. They don't protect politics, like the news do. They don't deceive like your employer, they are not empty like most of the rich people are. We see dudes running for money every single they, do live to it, they breath the process, forgetting that life is short, forgetting to simply... live. We have learned from other people's mistakes and us, the Hip-Hop lovers, we are not the same. Instead of lying, we prefer poverty. Instead of running after material things, we'd rather visit some city, travel by train, to meet new people, to see new places, to interact with... life.

We were raised with Hip-Hop - a rather new music trend. When we were nervous or upset, we were listening to it. We are or were locking ourselves inside our room, revolting with Hip-Hop. Even if some of the songs are unrefined. Even if.

We all love music, and some of the Hip-Hops tunes out there will sure delight your senses one day, rap-lover or not.