The best radio hits of all times

Best radio hits of all time

The value of a song is not measured by the number of current fans but by the number of years that it can maintain its popularity. Some melodies keep their freshness several decades after they have been officially released and they gain precious listeners from many generations in a row.

Some of the best-known songs of all time were first played on the radio over 60 years ago, once the first public radio has started to transmit, and they still ring in the year of old listeners and young music fans alike. A recent study made by has revealed the best radio hits of all time, according to the number of weeks that they have stayed at the top. The following list contains selected songs and artists representative to the various ages that marked the evolution of music radio stations.

The surprising twist at the top

It is no wonder that the songs which gathered the most listeners are the ones released before TV music channels and internet streaming was invented. But Chubby Checker's "The Twist" amazes everybody with its longevity and remains even today the most listened song on the radio of all times.

The song was released in 1960, and it immediately became a public favorite for audiences across the world. Over time, Checker's one hit wonder found its way in films, ads, and other promotional media, and kept its appeal for people of all ages.

The smooth entry on 2nd place

The second best radio hit of all time is the surprising collaboration between legendary guitar player Santana and Matchbox 20’s lead vocalist Rob Thomas. The 1999 “Supernatural” album from Santana produced a long string of hits that included participations from various artists.

One of the most famous songs to come out of Santana's remarkable release is "Smooth" – a popular hit with summer vibes that still entertains radio audiences to this day.

Macarena’s groove is still relevant

Skipping hits by Bobby Darrin, LeAnn Rimes, LMFAO and The Black Eyed Peas, we find a curious yet expected entry on no.7 among the best radio hits of all time: “Macarena” by Los del Rio. The 1995 hit that swept the entire world with its catchy rhythm is still relevant for the current generation.

The two Spanish men that made Los del Rio were almost 50 years old at the time of Macarena’s release, and they were ready to close up shop before becoming a worldwide sensation. The band failed to deliver other successful hits, but the fact that their simple, yet exciting hit is still occasionally played on the radio brings them enough money and publicity to help them enjoy their retirement years to the fullest.

It's hard to overcome The Beatles

The Beatles are considered one of the most influential bands in music history. Even if they disbanded almost 50 years ago, the Liverpool favorites still have a place on the radio, and their hits are often played in various countries. One of the most popular songs from The Beatles seems to be "Hey Jude" - 1968 classic written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon that is currently the 10th best radio hit of all time.